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Homme Femme

Site de Rencontre Nailya   de Moscow   ( Russie )

Pseudo:    Naila
Prénom:    Nailya
Age :    45 ans
Sexe:    Femme
Etat civil:    Divorcée
Taille:    156 cm
Poids:    70 kg
Couleur des yeux:    Verts
Couleur des cheveux:    Marrons
Niveau d'études:    Universitaires
Emploi:    Agent immobilier / Construction
Langue parlée:     Anglais     
Langue #2:    Russian     
Langue #3:    Pas de réponse     
Enfant:    Non
Alcool:    Parfois/En société
Tabac:    Non fumeur
Ville:    Moscow
Pays:    Russie
Recherche une personne entre :    40    50 ans
Recherche:    Homme, pour mariage
Personalité:    Creative   Energique   Travailleuse
   About myself. My name is Nailya (born in 1975). I am a tatar and had lived in Kazan (Republic Tatarstan). I graduated from Art College dreaming to become a painter. In 19__ I went to Turkey Bilkent University by program as a special student and been there for 7 - 8 months. Turkey and the University made on me big impression then. I still like Turkey. When I came back home I decided to become an interior designer. My parents supported the idea, I am very grateful them for it. I graduated from Institute of Design and Advertisement in 2007 Moscow. When I started to work I faced with many problems, with my parents, economic problems, I had to overcome many difficulties to get experience in work, life, to earn money…so for some time I had no time to look for a friend I just missed it. It is mot easy to be successful at least I understand it. I am muslim, I am not fundamental, nor conservative I am quite open-minded person. I consider myself as European, since I grow up on Russian culture. I am a part of Russian culture, just one of the side and I am Russian that way. Today, I keep improve myself at work; I study the architecture, design I really like it. I also like to do something with my own hands. I am 155 cm and I am little bit overweight so I try to be on diets and I visit gym club. I hope I"ll manage to overcome the problem too.
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