How to find a soul mate?

Comment rencontrer l'âme soeur

Finding a soul mate is a goal for many people, and for some it can even become an obsession.

The idea of finding your perfect match permeates the personal lives of many single people.

The view of science to find your soul mate

Married at first sight, every Monday at 9:00 p.m. on TV, offers a series of tests for singles to find a person more than 70% compatible with them. If this person exists (in a group of volunteers), then the potential couple meet on their… wedding day, without ever seeing each other.

But can we really be sure of the good health of the couple on paper, after a series of tests? Where is the magic part of the meeting programmed according to the algorithm? While the show’s experts say physical attraction can get away with the first sight of the mayor, they’re sticking with long-term couples. So, can compatibility do most of the work?

Love through science, what do we think? The question is answered by experts.

“The resonance between two beings cannot be calculated by an algorithm”
Apart from compatibility on paper, there is an unconscious of everyone that science cannot fix or predict. We are attracted to someone, but we are not able to explain it.

A face speaks to us, a way of expressing oneself… Charm is a parameter that cannot be determined scientifically. The resonance between two beings cannot be programmed by an algorithm.

Of course, with this kind of experience, we can love each other, but loving each other is good, just good. The flow between two beings is not about “just” loving each other well. It is the elusive and mysterious part of us that makes us love each other all our lives.”
Patricia Delae, psychosocial scientist, author of “How to meet the right people” (ed. Livre de Poche)

A serious dating site is a good way to find a soul mate.

Thus, the soul mate is a concept that still arouses the curiosity of many researchers and philosophers. The concept that continues today is the leitmotif of a large number of singles looking for love.

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